MANILA INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT SERVICES, INC., is an emerging international land-based manpower recruitment service provider in the Philippines as early as 1980, relentlessly offering career opportunities to hard-working Filipino workers.

With over 40 years of customer-centric service, MIRSI is taking its new direction to embark the much needed in-depth training and internationally accepted set of standards in the trade, thus it will guarantee the reliability of every worker the company hires and accepted by its clients abroad.

Our Commitment

Since the reorganization of our flagship theme since 2018, the group has developed our most in-depth approach and partner it with the latest and innovative approach to cater the clients need, not only deploying the best-fit candidates, but making sure they meet the optimum required trainings and guidelines, completing every protocols, and this does not limit to general services but skilled and professionals in the field. We make sure that all mandatory process and protocols are being met with the highest level of professionalism.

Proficiency is our key.  

Our assurance in providing the best-fit candidate for our foreign principals is our priority.  We also make sure that all our workers welfare is our utmost priority. Making sure both parties are fairly treated and served.


As we embark 2022, with the expansion plans and aim to be one of the best service provider and competent manpower pooling company in the industry, while bringing the highest level of retention, providing up to date training, ensuring employee welfare and corporate governance in our pursuit to deliver only the best fit talent for the job.


To be recognized as one of the best managed and reliable agency in the Philippines by its Clients and Principals from other countries for being able to provide competent, highly skilled, motivated and out-of-the box thinking personnel that could ride the tide of competition in an ever changing global economic environment.

Our Process

We follow our simple and proven approach. We practice competence over urgency, above all, our new executive committee is geared towards bringing global standards as our main reference in conducting any commitment.

  • Client Need Analysis
  • Selection Process
  • Initial Interview
  • Data Gathering
  • In House Training
  • Validation Process
  • Compliance Process

At MIRSI, this 2022, our new direction is to further improve and innovate in all we do, and were ready to take the new challenge.

We do not just hire.

We train to equip and to empower our candidates.

We do not stop after deployment.

We collaborate and improve our candidates.